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Sensory Analysis Software

Choosing the right sensory analysis software is critical. Your sensory analysis software needs to be fast, easy to use and capable of delivering powerful insights. RedJade’s sensory analysis software delivers this using today’s powerful web technology. The marketplace is moving fast and you have to move faster. RedJade’s sensory analysis software allows you to keep up. Want to learn more about RedJade’s sensory analysis software? Contact us today for details or to sign up for a free trial.

Learn about RedJade’s Sensory Analysis Software

RedJade’s sensory analysis software is second to none.

Let’s begin at the beginning. RedJade’s sensory analysis software was developed by leading experts in the field of sensory science. Originally part of Tragon Corporation, the leader in sensory research since 1974 – developers of Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA®), Product Optimization (PROP®), and many other sensory methodologies that are now considered industry standard – RedJade sensory software was developed for sensory experts by sensory experts.

Secondly, RedJade Software Solutions, LLC is a sensory testing software company based in “Silicon Valley,” home to the world’s leading software innovators. Because RedJade’s sensory analysis software is built using today’s leading edge (and often bleeding edge) technology, it’s important to have experienced software developers that understand these technologies. Simply put, these developers are in the top 1% of intelligence. And because Silicon Valley is also home to some of the world’s top universities, such as Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley, there will always be plenty of new, young talented workers.

An Intuitive, Easy-to-use Sensory Analysis Software

The third reason is ease-of-use. We developed our sensory analysis software to be as intuitive and easy to use as the applications on your smart phone. If you know how to use a tablet or smartphone, then you already know how to use RedJade’s sensory analysis software app. It is a sensory analysis software application that runs entirely on the web with any web browser. RedJade’s sensory analysis software is a true web app that functions like your favorite mobile apps. RedJade’s sensory analysis software brings you the same user experience that your favorite apps bring you. You’ll feel connected to your work, not frustrated; relief and not anxiety.

The key to good sensory analysis software development, like any software development, is making the complex look easy. We touch a “button” on the screen of our smartphone or tablet and expect it to perform magic. But, really, all we did was tap a piece of glass! That’s because the complexity is behind the glass, out of the users way. At RedJade, we took the same approach in developing our sensory analysis software: we put the complexity out of your way and developed an app that does magic. Want to create a fully balanced design block in 1 second? Done. Want to run penalty analysis in under one second? Done. Analyze data without ever jeopardizing the integrity of the dataset? Of course. And RedJade’s sensory analysis software does all of this.

Request a Software Demo

If you’ve read this far, well, congratulations. But really reading about this incredible software isn’t the same as experiencing it. We make it easy for you to request a software demo. Want to learn more about RedJade’s sensory analysis software suite? Contact us today for details or sign up for a free trial.

RedJade All In One Sensory Software Suite

RedJade is a top producer of sensory analysis software. Customers come to us for sophisticated research solutions made simple through our industry leading software platform. RedJade can be used to provide insights into the Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Household Products, and Healthcare industries. You can also use RedJade to provide insights into the Automotive, Travel, Hospitality, and Financial Services industries. Use this website to browse our industry leading software platform, or reach out to use for a friendly phone call. RedJade is the leading solution for sensory analysis around the world. Visit us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date on redent product updates.