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Staying competitive in the global marketplace is more challenging today than ever before. The ability to quickly understand trends and consumers – not to mention your competitors – is vital to success. Your sensory software is a key factor in leading this challenge. RedJade’s comprehensive sensory software keeps you informed of what is happening in the market, and more importantly, why it is happening. Learn more on this web page, or contact us for a free demo.

Reasons to Choose RedJade’s Sensory Software

Why is RedJade’s sensory software second to none when compared to other sensory testing software applications?

For starters, RedJade’s sensory software is the only sensory analysis software that was developed by leading experts in the sensory science field. Originally part of Tragon Corporation, the leader in sensory research since 1974 – developers of Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA®), Product Optimization (PROP®), and many other sensory methodologies that are now considered industry standard – only RedJade sensory software was developed for sensory experts by sensory experts. No other sensory software can say this.

Sensory SoftwareSecondly, RedJade Software Solutions, LLC is the only sensory software company to be based in Silicon Valley – home to the world’s leading software innovators such as Facebook, Google, Oracle, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Yahoo, HP, LinkedIn and many, many more. Why is this important? A couple of reasons. For one, skilled talent. Because RedJade’s sensory software is built using today’s leading edge (and often bleeding edge) technology, it’s important to have experienced software developers that understand these technologies. Simply put, these developers are in the top 1% of intelligence, and they come to work in Silicon Valley because this is where the exciting, high-paying work is! They don’t take their skills and decide to work in Guelph, Canada, or the Netherlands. They come to Silicon Valley to work and learn with their peers and change the world. And because Silicon Valley is also home to some of the world’s top universities, such as Stanford and Cal Berkeley, there will always be plenty of new, young talented workers in the area.

The third reason RedJade’s sensory software is second to none is because we’ve developed our sensory software to be as intuitive and easy to use as the applications on your smart phone. If you know how to use a tablet or smartphone, then you already know how to use RedJade’s sensory software app. It is the only sensory software application that runs entirely on the web with any web browser – no need to use Citrix Receiver or Remote Server like some other sensory software applications. RedJade’s sensory software is a true web app that functions like your favorite mobile apps such as Facebook, Uber or even your banking app. RedJade’s sensory software brings you the same user experience that your favorite apps bring you. You’ll feel connected to your work, not frustrated; relief, not anxiety.

Why don’t other sensory software providers offer this? Well, if it were so easy everyone would be doing it, we would suppose. The key to good sensory software development, like any software development, is making the complex look easy. We touch a “button” on the screen of our smartphone or tablet and expect it to perform magic. But, really, all we did was tap a piece of glass! That’s because the complexity is behind the glass, out of the user’s way. At RedJade, we took the same approach in developing our sensory software: we put the complexity out of your way and developed an app that does magic. Want to create a fully balanced design block in 1 second? Done. Want to run penalty analysis in under one second? Done. Analyze data without ever jeopardizing the integrity of the dataset? Of course. And only RedJade’s sensory software can do any of this.

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Learn More about Sensory Analysis

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Sensory Software
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