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About RedJade

The printing press. The automobile. The personal computer, and even today’s smartphone/
portable technology. They all have something in common: They were products
born out of necessity. The reality is, most great products are. They are the result of the
creativity of the human spirit pushing the boundaries of what is possible in an effort to
make everyone’s lives better. RedJade is the result of that same virtue and necessity.
Back in 2006, Tragon Corporation was looking for a sensory software solution that would
automate the data entry and analysis of its consumer and descriptive data.

After evaluating a number of products, we decided to combine our 30+ years of sensory
experience (at that time) with our proximity to Silicon Valley’s brilliant software development
minds to build a new app. An application that met the high standards of the science of sensory
evaluation as well as the demands that we as consumers expect from today’s software: easy to use,
fast, powerful and reliable.

At first, we developed the application only for Tragon’s use. We never intended it to be
commercialized for broader use. But every time one of our clients saw us run a test on
the application (It wasn’t called RedJade until many years later) the response was always
the same: “I’ve got to have it”. They liked how easy it was to use and how everything
from recruiting, to design block to analysis & reporting was all tied together…and available
via web browser.

The name RedJade® was derived in collaboration with Lexicon Branding, the firm responsible
for naming most of today’s iconic brands (Pentium®, Sonos®, Swiffer®, Scion® and
many more). Red, the universal color for ‘stop’, and Jade, a color of green which is associated
with ‘go’ was the perfect name that synthesizes what RedJade is all about: it helps
product manufacturers determine when to stop or go with a new product or product enhancement.

For decades, innovation and brilliant people have defined Silicon Valley. In 1974, two visionaries
from Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto believed in a new approach to descriptive analysis
and founded Tragon Corporation. We’re proud to continue that tradition of innovation,
excellence and simply making people’s lives easier with RedJade.

RedJade All In One Sensory Software Suite

RedJade is a top producer of sensory analysis software. Customers come to us for sophisticated research solutions made simple through our industry leading software platform. RedJade can be used to provide insights into the Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Household Products, and Healthcare industries. You can also use RedJade to provide insights into the Automotive, Travel, Hospitality, and Financial Services industries. Use this website to browse our industry leading software platform, or reach out to use for a friendly phone call. RedJade is the leading solution for sensory analysis around the world. Visit us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date on redent product updates.