Customer Satisfaction Surveys

RedJade is a leading online survey tool that uses sensory analysis software and provides valuable insight regarding consumer interaction with a company’s products/services. Customer satisfaction surveys provide beneficial understanding into how your organization is performing overall and at any given point in time. RedJade Sensory Software provides market research surveys for organizations that are interested… Read More »

RedJade, a Leading Vendor of Sensory Software, Announces Website Upgrade

Redwood City, California – September 15, 2017. RedJade, a leading provider of sensory software at, is proud to announce the first phase of an important website upgrade. The company has revised its website, adding new information pages and a blog as the first phase in a website overhaul.

Sensory Software Explained

Sometimes when you go home at night, or perhaps to a cocktail party, or perhaps you are on a phone call with your Mom or Dad, the question comes up, “What do you do?” Well, if you work in the sensory software industry that can be a bit hard to explain. Here are some ways… Read More »