New RedJade Recruiting Features – Consumer Testing Software Simplified

Recently, we have been making significant improvements to RedJade recruiting.  Beginning today, and through the course of the next several weeks, we will be releasing these new updates.  The following application enhancements were released this past weekend:    

Session Reminders and Confirmation Emails

  • Session Reminders can now be configured at the campaign level.
  • Confirmation Emails can be sent to subjects immediately following submission of a screener, where the outcome was Scheduled, Alternate, Qualified, Terminated or Unscheduled.  This can be configured at both the global and campaign levels.
  • Calendar events can be added to outgoing Session Reminders and Confirmation Emails by clicking “Include Calendar Event Attachment”.
  • Attachments can be added to outgoing Session Reminders and Confirmation Emails by clicking “Manage Attachments”.

Screener Raw Data File

  • A column has been added to the cover sheet indicating each subject’s screener outcome.
  • The file now includes individual tabs according to each subject’s screener outcome.
  • A “Termination Scenario” column has been added to the Termination tab indicating why the subject was terminated.
  • The participant code is included in the file once data has been collected.
  • Notes submitted by recruiters during screening are included in the file.

New RedJade Recruiting Features - Consumer Testing Software SimplifiedRecruit by Phone Interface

  • If a subject terminates or is rejected during recruiting, a list of additional campaigns for which the subject may qualify is viewable. The recruiter can select a new campaign for interviewing while the subject is still on the phone.
  • When a subject terminates from the screener, the scenario which the subject terminated on is displayed.
  • When a subject is identified as an alternate, the quota(s) that were filled are displayed.
  • The notes field can be displayed with other subject information. Select Settings > Phone Recruiting to toggle this field.
  • The last test a subject participated in and the last time a subject was contacted is now displayed with other subject information.
  • Available sessions can be displayed below the subject information. Click to display session times and availability.
  • The subject profile can be accessed directly while recruiting by phone. Select the ‘pencil’ icon at the top of the left navigation pane, the subject’s profile is opened in a new tab for editing.


  • Subjects can now be deleted/purged. First archive the subject, then select “Permanently Delete Subject”. Once deleted/purged, the subject cannot be recovered; however, all previously collected screener data is available (and anonymized). Minor children will be deleted if the subject is the sole head of household.
  • A Schedule tab has been added to the subject’s profile page, listing tests the subject is scheduled for in the future.
  • The {{qualify_url}} smart text has been updated to display as hypertext in mail clients that accept HTML emails.
  • Double-clicking when confirming a subject’s session time no longer results in the subject being double scheduled.
  • When deleting a reservation, a warning message is now displayed indicating subjects are scheduled.
  • Subjects can now be scheduled for sessions in the past when using the Recruit by Phone interface.
  • Our RedJade Support channel continues to expand.

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