Additional RedJade Recruiting Enhancements – Online Survey Software Made Easy

Two weeks ago, we released our first of several significant improvements to RedJade recruiting.  This past weekend we released the following application enhancements:

Subject Profile Settings

You can now define what fields are Required, Unique or Read Only from the Recruiting > Settings > Subject Requirements tab:

  • Required: Must be specified when a subject record is created or updated.
  • Unique: The combination of all fields specified in the added requirement must be unique within the company’s database when a subject record is created or updated. If the requirement is First NameLast NameDate of Birth then no other subject with matching information in all fields specified can be created/saved.
  • Read Only: The field cannot be modified by the subject from their portal accounts.
    • We have added several Read Only settings to all existing company accounts to maintain/enforce the previous level of access that subjects had when logged in to their portal accounts. These requirements can be modified/deleted at the user’s discretion.

Additional Filtering Options

You can now apply additional filter options throughout recruiting.

  • Recruiting > Subjects > Add Filter includes additional options for filtering by age and the date when the subject was added to the database. This is displayed in the left-hand pane on each subject’s profile.
  • Campaign > Candidates > Selected Status > Add Filter includes additional filtering options for age and subject created date.
  • In addition to age and subject creation date, Campaign > Candidates > Qualified/Contacted > Add Filter includes an additional filter for possible recruiting outcomes.


  • Subjects that have not been invited to will no longer have access to their account details after completing a screener.
  • If a subject clicks on the screener link from their email after the screener has already been completed, they are re-directed to their screener outcome screen.Sensory Software
  • Added ability to copy an Onboarding Procedure. Recruiting > Onboarding > Actions button > Create a Copy
  • Added the option to “exclude” individual panels from Recruiting > Campaign > Details > Custom Filters > Add Filter > Panel.  Previously, users only had the option toexclude all panelists.
  • Email blasts now support attachments.
  • The “back arrow” icon from the Recruit by Phone interface takes you back to the campaign.  Previously it would drop you out to the Recruiting home page.
  • Additional edits to an Email Blast are now being saved.  Previously, any additional edits after an initial save/submit would be cleared out/unsaved.
  • Our RedJade Support channel continues to expand.
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Please send an email to should you have any questions.