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RedJade’s bleeding edge technology ensures you have the most
advanced sensory software suite for sensory testing, sensory evaluation and sensory analysis.

  • RedJade’s cutting-edge sensory software ensures you have the most advanced sensory suite today, tomorrow and for years to come.

  • RedJade is the only true SaaS sensory analysis software in the industry. Our technology allows you to access RedJade from anywhere, all you need is an Internet connection.

  • Only RedJade’s sensory evaluation software allows you to manage all aspects of your sensory function in one application.

  • Not all sensory testing software is created equal. Find out how RedJade can bring your sensory testing into the 21st century.

  • Understanding what your consumers want and need is critical to the success of your business. RedJade’s consumer testing software allows you to connect with your consumers easier than ever before.

  • Sensory and consumer research is essential in today’s marketplace. Identifying not only what consumers like, but why they like it will help you make winning products.

RedJade Sensory Software: Key Features

Access your survey results in real-time.
Intuitive wizards guide you through the application.
Monitor your testing from anywhere in the world.
Schedule all of your testing from any internet-enabled device.
Skip a product without sacrificing data integrity.
Export your plots directly to a custom PowerPoint template.
Only RedJade ensures you're serving the correct product.
Share projects with key stakeholders.
Manage your projects more efficiently than ever.

RedJade maintains data integrity throughout the life of your project; original files are never changed.

LiveResults™ allows you to make critical
decisions faster than ever before.

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Only RedJade’s Design Block ensures a perfectly balanced serving order including both fixed and relative position, all while allowing complete customization for your project.

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