RedJade Announces New Information Pages on Sensory Software and User Query Derivations

Redwood City, California – September 22, 2017. RedJade, a leading provider of sensory software, is proud to announce new “informational landing pages” that reflect common user queries. The purpose of the pages is to function as a first step for users to learn more about sensory software, in general, and RedJade’s industry-leading solution, in particular.

RedJade, a Leading Vendor of Sensory Software, Announces Website Upgrade

Redwood City, California – September 15, 2017. RedJade, a leading provider of sensory software at, is proud to announce the first phase of an important website upgrade. The company has revised its website, adding new information pages and a blog as the first phase in a website overhaul.

Sensory Software Explained

Sometimes when you go home at night, or perhaps to a cocktail party, or perhaps you are on a phone call with your Mom or Dad, the question comes up, “What do you do?” Well, if you work in the sensory software industry that can be a bit hard to explain. Here are some ways… Read More »