New Recruiting Features

As part of a continuing effort to improve RedJade Recruiting, we released the following application enhancements:

Default Time/Date Settings

AM/PM or 24-hour time formats and dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy date settings can now be set globally or at the individual campaign-level.

  • Global Settings: Set by Company Administrators from the Admin > Company screen.
  • Campaign-Level Settings: Set on the Campaign > Details screen. Global Settings are used as the default.

Email Blast Filters

You can now add filters to send email blasts to a targeted group of subjects within a campaign.

  • Create a new email blast and Click Add Filter.
  • Multiple filters (demographic, age range, location) can be applied to the same email blast.
  • Click Submit after entering your campaign details.
    • Possible Subjects list is available after clicking submit.
Additional Features

  • Subjects can schedule themselves for a session if they previously had a scheduling conflict through the portal.
    • “Make this campaign accessible from the subject portal” must be selected on the Details screen in the campaign.
  • Recruiting Managers can now configure notifications when a subject cancels or reschedules their appointment through the portal.
    • Admin > Profile > Notifications to choose in-app and/or email notifications.

Please send an email to should you have any questions.