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It’s Sunday morning and you’re making your usual pot of coffee, you go to the refrigerator to get some of that delicious vanilla creamer that makes your cup extra enjoyable only to find it is empty! So, now you need to stop by the grocery store to pick some up.

Typically, consumers that do most of the grocery shopping for their household know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for, but how do you actually choose which product you decide to spend your money on and use at home? Maybe you’re a loyal product user and will not stray from your current brand, or maybe you recently heard of a different one and are interested in trying something new. What is it that grabs the attention of a consumer and entices one to buy a product? There are many factors that go into the making of products and the psychology behind the consumer mind, and many global companies use sensory analysis software to find these factors out.

Sensory Analysis Software


Logically you are going to choose the product that best suits your likes and needs. Maybe you do not consume dairy so you are automatically limited to the brands that provide dairy-free creamer. Maybe you are a college student on a budget so the cheapest product is your way to go. Or maybe you like tons of flavor varieties so you go for that brand that is known to have a wide array of delicious complimenting flavors. These are just some of the factors that go into the power the consumer has in the marketplace.

Red Jade’s sensory analysis software has provided many companies’ with leading edge sensory testing software to test consumers from products they have loved for years, to products that are just currently being developed. A company may be looking to create a new product, re-design an existing formula, or simply see what sets their product apart from others on the market.


RedJade has redefined the sensory industry with a sensory software application that raises the bar on what to expect from software. As pioneers in the sensory field since 1974, the company spent years evaluating software solutions that could bring testing processes to the digital age. The entrepreneurs at RedJade couldn’t find any, so they developed one. The result is the only sensory software made with the expertise, insights and track record of a leading sensory analysis firm. The company’s software developers are among the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. Combine those two factors, and the sensory software industry gets RedJade – there is simply no other product like it in the marketplace.

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